Wood Chipping

Dispose of Your Fallen Tree Branches

Arrange for wood and tree branch chipping services in Duluth, MN

Getting rid of tree branches can be a pain. When you have several fallen branches, it's not as simple as throwing them in the trash. Fortunately, we have a solution. Noah & Noah's Tree Service offers wood chipping services for homeowners in and around Duluth, MN. As long as your branch is under eight inches around, we'll be able to run it through our chip processer. Then, we can either haul the chips away or leave them to be used in flower beds.

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What can we turn into chips?

What can we turn into chips?

If it’s made of wood, we can turn it into bits. Our wood chipping services applies to:

  • Fallen tree branches
  • Cut limbs
  • Small logs

You can be sure we’ll clean up after ourselves once the job is done and haul everything else away. Reach out to us now to book our tree branch chipping services.